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Corporate Wellness Presentations and Coaching

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Impactful Corporate Presentations

Cynthia delivers powerful presentations and trainings on a wide array of health topics, including:

  • Nutrition and general wellness focused sessions including topics such as: Decreasing Menopause Symptoms, Sleep Strategies for Optimal Health, Countering Emotional Eating and Changing Relationships with Food, Foods For Disease Management and Prevention, Weight Maintenace, and more
  • Lifestyle and Mental Health Workshops including topics such as: Resilience, Self-Care, Stress Management Techniques, Meditation Strategies, Adopting Positive Mindset Shifts and Growing Through Grief
  • Leadership and Workplace Wellness Programs including topics such as: Achieving a Healthy Work Culture for Optimal Productivity, Heart Centered Leadership Strategies, Team Building, and Burn Out Prevention

Expert Presenter

Meet Cynthia, a seasoned presenter and Health Coach of almost 20 years, boasting years of expertise in delivering captivating presentations across diverse platforms. Cynthia specializes in a wide variety of captivating health and wellness topics; her eloquence and passion shine through as she imparts valuable insights and inspires change in her listeners. Ready to embark on a journey of mindset transformation, personal development and knowledge? Join Cynthia and begin on a journey toward positivity and personal growth.

Expert Coach

Create a Better Lifestyle

Cynthia's own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given her insight into the many challenges individuals encounter. This enables her to bring her clients a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding. She helps her clients approach all aspects of their lives in a healthier way by exploring ways to have more energy, be happier and healthier, look younger, and live life to the fullest. From diet to stress management and mindfulness, every aspect of health and wellness is considered when you work with Cynthia.

Cynthia’s background is in both mental health (she has her Master of Social Work) as well as extensive experience in wellness (Cynthia is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN.) She has coached individuals and groups on an extensive array of topics for almost 20 years. Cynthia is also a Certified Resilience Coach and Resilience Coach teacher, teaching individuals across the world strategies to coach others in resilience and how to live life and thrive. As a Certified Infinite Possibilities trainer through Mike Dooley, Cynthia leads workshops and retreats on the power of Mindset Shifts and the ability to look at life from a different, more positive lens. As clients work with Cynthia, they feel more capable of making healthy choices every day while also developing skills for navigating obstacles in the long run. She works with you every step of the way.

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How It Works

Cynthia’s comprehensive educational resources and professional training equip clients with the necessary tools to achieve optimum health and reach their primary health and wellness goals. A thorough health assessment allows Cynthia to understand her client’s health journey and align it with an actionable roadmap to achieve the desired goals. Together, she’ll develop a nutritional intervention for disease management and prevention, focusing on whatever areas you are looking to improve. A few of her areas of focus include:

  • Achieving Healthy Weight Goals
  • Enhancing Sleep Quality and Management
  • Alleviating Menopause Symptoms Naturally With Diet and Lifestyle
  • Fueling Your Body for Sustained Energy Levels
  • Reducing Sugar Intake to Curb Cravings and Promote Balanced Nutrition
  • Guiding Children Toward Healthier Eating Habits
  • Building Strategies to Prevent Emotional Eating Patterns
  • Supporting Thyroid Health Optimization Through Diet and Lifestyle Modifications
  • Changing Mindset and Negative Thought Patterns to Live a Life of Greater Resilience and Happiness
  • Discovering the Most Important Blood Tests for Your Particular Health Status

Rediscover Wellness, Reclaim Your Life

Wellness impacts every facet of your life. Let Cynthia help you reconnect with your well-being and live life to the fullest.